Optimum price-performance ratio

Easy application

Short installation time

Long open application time

Smooth, flat surface

Easy to fix

Transport less weight

Maximum occupational safety during application

No glass fibers, preservatives and volatiles

Less waste

Application Guidelines Fluraphon Sound Absorption Systems


The application of the Fluraphon acoustic systems is carried out by plasterers that are familiar with the use of trowel and smoothing trowel.

  • Prior to execution, this manual must be known and understood by all employees that are applicating the system
  • The corresponding safety regulations and precautionary measures must be observed
  • All tools must be made of stainless steel and with unpainted handles.
  • For connection work, only PVC, stainless steel or stove-enameled profiles may be used.

Here you can get an idea about the processing of one of our systems.

Recommended tools


  • Swiss trowel stainless, 500 x 140 mm, toothing 6 x 6 mm    

  • Swiss trowel stainless, 500 x 140 mm, toothing 72 spezial


  • Swiss trowel stainless, 500 x 140 mm, toothing 4 x 4 mm    


  • Smoothing trowel, stainless, 800 mm x 120 mm with  0,3 mm steel blade 

Recommended equipement

  • Mortar mixer with helical stirrer  


  • Drywall sander with vacuum cleaner   


  • Airless paint sprayer  


Processing Guideline Fluraphon Acoustic Systems