About 90% of our lifetime is spent indoors.  

Optimal room acoustics generates quietness and increases well-being.

The ability of concentration and efficient working is improved.

Room acoustic


Generous windows, seamless floor coverings, smooth walls or metal and leather furniture reflect the sound and lead to an unpleasant reverb in the room.

You do not feel well. The power, concentration decreases, the discretion suffers and well-being decreases. The following three main problems arise:


Acoustic irritation:

The receiver perceives noises from all directions with the same volume. He can not locate the sound source. The orientation becomes difficult and the ability to concentrate suffers.


Poor speech intelligibility:

The reverberation time affects speech intelligibility. Short reverberation times improves them, long time affect them. With a long reverberation time one does not understand one another.


Lombard effect:

In an environment with a long reverberation the communication is difficult and one speaks automatically louder. The noise level rises and everyone involved speaks even louder.

The noise level rises and rises to unbearable levels and leads to long-term hearing damage.


Each room is individually designed. Some love Bauhaus style, others classic or modern living.

The smooth Fluraphon surface is not visually perceived and allows you to design the interior upon your preferences. 


Due to the small space requirements of the systems, a room can also be acoustically optimized later on.

Room air

The airtight construction, a low air circulation and pollutant-containing building materials leads to various health impairments.


Airway damage, headaches, disturbtion of concentration and limited performance are just some of the symptoms.


That's why our products are free from any volatile substances, mineral fibers and preservatives agents.


An active control of the indoor climate is achieved by cost-intensive ventilation / air conditioning systems and additional humidification.


Passive control is achieved by absorbing and releasing moisture and heat through building materials such as loam plaster or the Fluraphon-Naturo absorber.


However, the glass or mineral fiber boards used mostly in room acoustics can not store moisture.

Independent advice

For the optimal design of your rooms we recommend an independent consultation of a specialized company in the field of building acoustics. They are able to understand your needs, aesthetic ideas, wishes and are able to transform this into a corresponding room concept.